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"This article reports that an elective training for medical students regarding the ways that adoption and foster care may affect patients they will see in their future medical practice is effective, perceived by students to be a valuable experience, and may contribute to good medical practice."
Henry, M.J., Pollack, D., & Lazare, A. (2006). Teaching medical students about adoption and foster care. Adoption Quarterly, 10(1), 45-61.
"This article reviews the existing literature on parenting a child with special needs, focusing on the characteristics, implications, and considerations of individuals who choose to adopt a child with a genetic or other physical or mental disability."
Perry, C.L. & Henry, M.J. (2009). Family and professional considerations for adoptive parents of children with special needs. Marriage and Family Review, 45(5), 538-565. 
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Our team's innovative ideas and research have been featured in such scholarly journals as Adoption QuarterlyMarriage and Family Review, and Journal of Genetic Counseling

In addition, Dr. Henry's acclaimed book, Adoption in the United States, is now required reading for several educational programs in social work and medicine.
"Navigating the adoption process is no easy feat. This is the only comprehensive adoption guide that includes information on health issues as well as state-specific legal procedures that influence domestic infant adoptions, intercountry adoptions, and the creation of foster families. Henry and Pollack combine a unique range of research with an accessible style as they reach out to parents, professionals, and students. The authors also address difficult topics, including openness throughout the adoption process and special considerations for cross-cultural families."
Henry, M.J. & Pollack, D. (2009). Adoption in the United States: A reference for families, professionals, and students. Lyceum Books: Chicago, IL.  
Order online at Lyceum Books, Inc.
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"[This article] discuss[es] the impact of medical professionals’ preconceptions on client decision-making, increasing early identification of fetal anomalies, deficiency of adoption knowledge and resources, and the resulting need for genetic counselors and other health professionals to develop their skills in discussing adoption with clients."
Perry, C.L., & Henry, M.J. (2010). Exploring adoption with clients: The need for adoption education within the genetic counseling profession. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 19(4), 305-314.  
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Dr. Martha Henry has provided adoption expertise for the following radio/television programs and magazine articles.
Lawrence, K. (2006, September). What Adopting is Really Like: The 411 on this Process. Cosmopolitan Magazine, 241(3), 214-216.